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Milla Jovovich photographed by Matthew Brookes

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Books in Wes Anderson movies

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 Dazed & Confused Spring 2014

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Kevin Spacey in the current edition of The Hollywood Reporter.

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Art by Heather Theurer

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“All we need is some forest and hills.” Eric Burritt shared a great vintage article on how 22 years old Stanley Kubrick planned to make his first feature film, ‘Fear and Desire.’

If you were nineteen and starting out again, would you go to film school?
The best education in film is to make one. I would advise any neophyte director to try to make a film by himself. A three-minute short will teach him a lot. I know that all the things I did at the beginning were, in microcosm, the things I’m doing now as a director and producer. There are a lot of noncreative aspects to filmmaking which have to be overcome, and you will experience them all when you make even the simplest film: business, organization, taxes, etc., etc. It is rare to be able to have an uncluttered, artistic environment when you make a film, and being able to accept this is essential. The point to stress is that anyone seriously interested in making a film should find as much money as he can as quickly as he can and go out and do it. And this is no longer as difficult as it once was. When I began making movies as an independent in the early 1950s I received a fair amount of publicity because I was something of a freak in an industry dominated by a handful of huge studios. Everyone was amazed that it could be done at all. But anyone can make a movie who has a little knowledge of cameras and tape recorders, a lot of ambition and — hopefully — talent. It’s gotten down to the pencil and paper level. We’re really on the threshold of a revolutionary new era in film. —Stanley Kubrick

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David Fincher on the set of Se7en (1995)

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"I talked to my friend’s 17-year-old daughter about the slang that teenagers use, and this lovely young lady explained that all her friends call one another "bitches", "sluts" and "whores". I also went to clubs in LA with all the girls dressed up in miniskirts and sky-high shoes. That was pretty exotic. Everyone was texting, taking pictures, and I tried to put as much of that in the film [The Bling Ring] as possible. It was almost sci-fi, this idea that living does not count unless you are documenting it. All those things interest me and say so much about our culture, and what is emphasised as important.”

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